We’re always talking about using every excuse in the book to show our appreciation to our volunteers and using wacky holidays makes a great excuse. For instance, did you know August is Happiness Happens Month? I’ll bet you can come up a fun way to celebrate that holiday!

August 3rd is Watermelon Day – perfect excuse to have a Watermelon Party for your volunteers. Then don’t forget National Chocolate Chip Day on August 4th. Chocolate Chip cookies, anyone?

How about S’mores Day on the 10th? Easy and fun to share s’mores with your volunteers. And you don’t need a campfire. Try a little microwaving.

Let’s not forget Cupcake Day on August 20th. Try a decorate-your-own cupcake party.  This takes so much of the work out of making the cupcakes for your volunteers. Just provide the un-frosted cupcakes and plenty of fun toppings. Instant and inexpensive fun!

So let’s take advantage of these fun days to celebrate some extra special people, those who volunteer their time and services to help us. Visit Appreciate Volunteers to find more ideas.