For those of you who track hours of service for your volunteers, you need to be celebrating milestones in those hours. Of course, many of you do for those great large milestones, like 100 hours of service.

But think about smaller things you can do for smaller milestones. You definitely want to encourage new volunteers to give more time and continue with you, so recognizing milestones like 5 hours or 10 hours is a good practice.

If budget is a concern for you, inexpensive things like Thank You Cards work very well. As your volunteers pass higher milestones, you will most likely want to go with better gifts or awards. But you can still keep them inexpensive with things like personalized mugs or totebags.

At the very least, when you celebrate milestones in hours of service, you can always print out a nice certificate. Free templates are available online and we have found a freebie one for you at Appreciate Volunteers.

So take the time to show your appreciation for even the little milestones in hours of service. It will make a difference to both you and your volunteers.